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Who We Are: A little about the Williams Farms family operation

Williams Farms is a family business; for over 40 years producing the finest in Vermont maple syrup. We are Rob and Lucille Williams and our son Kevin and his wife, Debbie. Grandson Keith, age 21, plays a large role in all parts of the operation. Kevin's children, Reuben, 10, and daughter Whitney, 7, help out in any way they can.
Bottom to top, and left to right: Reuben, Whitney, Lucille, Rob, and Kevin.

Since our oldest son, Ken retired, he has also been helping with gathering sap, tapping trees, and getting up the wood supply. When we retire, the business will become the sole responsibility of Kevin. He, in turn, hopes to pass it along to his children.

Sugar house

In fact, it was Kevin who was responsible for starting the business in the first place. We were dairy farmers all our married life until we sold out the dairy business during a herd buyout in 1986. In the Vermont dairy business, March and April are as free of "must do" jobs as any time of the year; so, in 1976, when teenage Kevin asked us to start making syrup from the maples on the farm, we agreed.

The first year we had only a small evaporator in the sugar house for making syrup. The sap was collected in buckets.

Kevin left soon after for a stint in the air force. We continued the maple business; hiring neighborhood kids to collect the sap from 500 buckets while we boiled the sap to syrup. Kevin returned in 1979 and has been with the business ever since.

In the early 1980's, we began modernizing and expanding: phasing out the buckets and converting to plastic tubing for collecting the sap. We enlarged the sugar house and purchased a larger evaporator and other more modern equipment. By that time, we were winning many ribbons and awards for the quality of our maple products.

In addition to tapping our own sugar bush, we lease another in Orwell, Vermont; where we collect from 5,000 trees.

Lucille makes the homemade maple fudge, cream, and cakes that we sell in addition to syrup. Most of our sales are made from a shop in our home or through our mail order business, and now through this Web site. We ship all over the country.

When we began sugaring, we thought that it would just be a fun thing to do; but it's really grown into a great business.

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