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The Perfect Gift - Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

Syrup sizes                     
Syrup Grades:

Grade A Golden Delicate (Fancy) Grade A - Amber Rich Grade A - Dark Robust
Light amber color. Delicate maple flavor. Medium amber color. More pronounced maple flavor. Popular on pancakes, waffles, and ice cream. Dark amber color. Stronger maple flavor. Good for cooking and table uses. Strongest maple flavor, darkest color, and excellent for cooking

Shipping Area

U.S. Domestic, Please call or email for current rates to International destinations.


All prices include carton, handling, and shipping.

Products:Golden(Fancy),, Amber Rich, and Dark Robust Description Price
Gallon 1Gallon - all grades 73.00
Half gallon Half Gallon - all grades 49.00
Quart Quart - all grades 33.00
Pint Pint - all grades 25.00
 Half pint  Half  Pint - all grades 18.00
 Six pack Six Pack - 4 oz. cans with sugar house scene in Lincoln, Vt.  33.0
  8.45 oz. Maple Leaf Bottle - Makes a lovely gift.

All grades, shipping included. 

3.45 oz. Maple Leaf Bottle - Great stocking stuffer.

All grades, shipping included.

1.7 oz. Maple Leaf Bottle - Great stocking stuffer.

All grades, shipping included.


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By mail: print, fill out, and mail our handy order form.

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